31st Aug '14


For the last nine year Nicholas Felton has releases an personal annual report covering all sorts of activity and data. This years report (2013) examines, to quote: a year of Nicholas Felton’s communication data. It aspires to uncover patterns and insights within the data and metadata of a large and personal data set. Sources include conversations, SMS, telephone calls, email, Facebook messages and physical mail.

I find this topic (and numbers) very interesting.

The last couple of years I have personally taken proactive actions to “retreat” somewhat from social media, networking and all the constant updating and catching up with events of others. Addicts of communication. It has become a somewhat sprititual journey. Anyway, looking at this report – and the sheer mass of data – I can’t stop to think “this is insane”. And by that I don’t mean Nicholas in particular (and definitely not his work, just simply what his report implies.


31st Aug '14