4th Jul '14

Google has a new metaphor for how design works across all of its properties. It’s called Material Design. It’s a very impressive undertaking and it’s beautifully executed. You can read through the guideline on google.com/design/. It’s an attempt to add depth to pixels, but also make sense of them.

The Verge has a video on the ideas behind Material Design.

2:22 into the video (up until 3:08) Matías Duarte, Google’s Vice President of design, touch upon something really strong. On how we are trying to make sense of it all.

If I had gotten a penny for every minute I’ve been in a meeting or workshop discussing this I would be millionaire. It’s endless. It’s almost as if my generation biggest challenge (and purpose) is to prototype what digital is and how we should relate to something that doesn’t obey to any physical rules or boundaries, such as gravity or material. Come up with constrains.

Watch video:

Heres a link to the same video skipped to 2:22:

4th Jul '14