nico nuzzaci

I'm a maker and shaper of interactive experiences and services. I take photographs. I play music. I frequently run. I appreciate fashion. I like to travel. I admire simplicity and quality.

14th Jul '13

Recently Steve Spielberg predicted that the movie business would be likely to implode very soon, a sentiment echoed by his friend George Lucas. Put aside, if you can, an irony so vast that the Death Star would take a few shots to destroy it: these two men did more than anyone else to invent the blockbuster format which they now accuse of dragging down the industry. If, as Spielberg predicts, the paradigm of the movie business is going to have to change, what will the future hold? How will films be shown and what will this mean for independent movies?

I’m don’t know much about the film industry. But for sure it doesn’t feel fair. Which makes it unsustainable. Which (like all unsustainable things) means it will fall quick. At some point. I found above quote/link via who points towards for movies. Interesting. I would say.

14th Jul '13