nico nuzzaci

I'm a maker and shaper of interactive experiences and services. I take photographs. I play music. I frequently run. I appreciate fashion. I like to travel. I admire simplicity and quality.

7th Mar '13

It was just so refreshing to stop. To pause. To Wait. To not know the outcome of a shutter press. To NOT get that instant gratification. As scary as “not knowing” can be – there’s something terribly peaceful about it, if you come to accept it. […] Digital has in many ways replaced the word “craft” with “accessible” or perhaps the better word is “democratization.” […] The marvel of technology has a bad tendency to lead to a bit of laziness, impatience, and a reticence to do “work for” something… generally speaking. And let’s not get started on what it’s done to our attention spans!

Above collection of quotes are picked from an article titled In a fast moving world… We could all do with a roll of 36 exposures from Vincent Laforet blog. It’s a reflexion on the Cheap Camera challenge by Digital Rev.

7th Mar '13