20th Jul '14


I have always felt that Nike’s NikeFuel system — using their words: “a single universal way to measure all kinds of activities” — is broken. It’s a game without a win. Without real rewards. Without losses. A loyalty program without design.

Until now?

In New York City, Nike put up a secret vending machine that only accepts NikeFuel points as payments. The catch? You can only exchange for your daily, not total, FuelBand points.

I have over 2 million fuel points, and with my current level of exercise, they are also piling up pretty fast. Rarely does 2 million of something feels like nothing…

If this attempt to “own” a currency-system of exercise doesn’t start to apply some sort of reward or gain, I think the system will fade without a single winner or loser. Time to raise the stakes.

Via @NikeNYC

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20th Jul '14