1st Dec '12

I’m a hobbyist runner. I picked up running 2010 and ran my first marathon in Seattle, November 2011.

The idea of running the year in km came to me during 2011. I read somewhere that someone was doing it and thought I should put it on my bucket list. I didn’t enter the 2012 with the goal, I decided to commit to it after a strong January.

With one month to spare, I yesterday reached my pledge to run 2012km in 2012.

2012km in 11 month may sound like a lot — it’s an average of 6km/day, 42km/week, 183km/month. It’s a marathon per week during a 48 week period. You are now probably thinking that I’m a loon. However, if you put it in the context of time, 6km/day is about 60 minutes with pre- and post preparations. It may require some discipline, but it’s much less then what most of you spend on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram per day.

They key has been to not let it slide. 6km/day is fine, 12km every other day is slightly more, 2 days rest means 18km to break even… and you like to have some margins for all those days when you actually can’t run… I think you get the idea.

A lot of the time the challenge felt like a huge undertaking, so I’m somewhat surprised to have completed it with such a margin. One of the reasons for this goes down to the fortune that I’ve stayed free from major injuries and was only sick during 5 days back in February.

As part of the finale, I’d planned to revamp this journal. Unfortunately that goal isn’t ahead of time. So what you are reading now is a temporary page that will live here until the new one is released. The idea is to head into 2013 with a stronger focus on output than input. Slower pace. Centralised. Personal. Satellite rather than social. The idea is to abandon most other digital communication channels and services and use this as my platform. Be my own.

In regards to running, the plan is to focus on speed.

1st Dec '12