3rd May '14


As someone deeply interested in health, exercise and digital services; I have high hopes on the rumoured “watch” from Apple. I have been using Nike Fuel and Jawbone UP since middle of last year. I also use a Garmin running watch and have past 5000km with Nike+ Running. My evaluation of these services is that “they haven’t found it yet”. I now hope Apples work in this area will.

But besides my interests in the use of… what ever it might be, I’m also awaits (with excitements) how Apple will once again show how you can use design to create products that are desirable, loved and used.

That excitement is partly grounded in the fact that this time around, Apple didn’t release “it” first. They will once again re-invent. Again paint a bigger picture than their competitors.

Samsung being Samsung, releases a watch.
I doubt Apple will release a watch.

At least I hope not.

I hope it’s given a bigger purpose and innovation platform than a product that tells the time. I think it will be more about the wrist than time. Exploration around the use of wrist instead of exploitation on the concept of watch and telling time. What can ‘wrist’ add to their line of products (hardware, software and strategies like their Digital Hub)? Endless!!

This article: Apple and Nike are gearing up for a big announcement this fall, states that Apple is not releasing a smartwatch, rather a smartband.

But you don’t have to analyse rumours or read between the line of ‘Nike to shout downs Wearables Business‘ and ‘Time Cook, CEO Apple, is on the board of NIKE‘.

Just watch this video when Jonathan Ive (Senior Vice President of Design at Apple) was asked on a children’s program how he would approach the brief to design a lunch box, a school bag and pencil case “all in one”.

He said:

We’d be really careful about not having the word ‘box’. It already gives you a bunch of ideas that could be quite narrow. Cause we think of a box to be square or a cube.

I’d be VERY surprised if Apple realises a watch — timepiece, typically worn either around the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. If so, I think it will be solely for the name (and marketing), not by design and use (after all, they’ve made the exception with iPhone).

I however won’t be that surprised if Samsung (or Google for that matter) will reverse their current direction and copy whatever Apple releases.

3rd May '14