14th Mar '15

On Sunday I’m running the LA Marathon. As I’m typing this I have finally reached my last mental pre-race stage: when nevousity changes to excitement. I’m stoked!

This is my fifth marathon. That’s five more than most do and four more than most of those few.

However, I’m still curious. I’m still learning. I’m still ironing out my routine and approach. I’m still in process.

I’m not smart enough to master anything after 4 attempts, and I tend to look beyond the horizon of ‘done it’ or ‘made it’.

For this marathon I’m going to try a new approach for the last stint. Some people claim that the last stint is the race; that the first 30k is merely transportation to it. I sort of agree with that.

The last 12k is all about combating sore muscles, negative thoughts, doubt and pain — having your mind fight your flesh as you leaning towards your personal limit for that particular day on each and every step. Breaking through barriers of disbelief.

In the mist of all this mental shenanigans, It’s easy to be fooled and engage in a futile conversation and dialog with oneself.

This time around I’m going to give a blind ear to the voice of the mind and instead reach inside for emotional connections and locate strength.

Dig for gratitude, gratefulness and love.

To help myself accomplish this I’m going to written a list of names on my left forearm. Each name will be allocated a 5 minute time-slot during which my thoughts will be with them.

I will be with these people, because of them I care and from them I can extract calmness, courage and strength. Something I will need no matter if I’m flying out there on Sunday or standing on the side of the road experiencing calf cramps.

Wish me luck.

Worked like a charm. Below is a photo my arm post race

14th Mar '15