27th May '15

I’m alright.

My dad is also.

We actually came away from the whole experience without a single bruise.

Magic, weird or common?

I don’t know.

I don’t know anyone who has received an unexpected skid while driving in 110-120km/h, resulting into flying off the road into the forest. So all I have to go by is our experience. Which resulted into little drama. We experience little force and an evidence to that is that the airbags didn’t deploy.

According to Wikipedia, rollovers are uncommon and we were lucky: “Rollovers are not very common, but lead to greater rates of severe injury and death”.

The 5 most prominent learnings from this experience is that:

– My dad is awesome.
– Audi build extremely good vehicles.
– Great effort most have gone/go into keeping the side of the road free from dangerous objects.
– When extreme situations occur, some people transforms into brilliant guardians and servants.
– Generally, people carry a lot of fantasies and fear in regards to accidents. People, generally, also like to indulge in an exercise of ‘what if?’. These fears, fantasies and ‘what if’s’ are then projected onto others.

Special thanks to Per-Erik at Assistancekåren in Hudiksvall. A true hero. Second shout-out goes to the nurse in the car behind and the 10+ military soldiers in the van infront — whom all stopped and took care of us and the scene in a very… effective, professional and militant way. Thirdly: ambulance and hospital personal, car rental clerk, car mechanic and insurance customer service representative. Thank you. You have all been absolutely brilliant.

I’m somewhat curious to know what initiated the erratic behaviour. I’ve spoke to the mechanics who investigated the car, and they can’t find anything given the state of the vehicle. I have a strong suspicion that something in regards to the rear right tire failed in some way.

Following the accident I was a bit nervous that injuries would be evident first in a couple of days. So I was a bit cautious (and curious) when I yesterday, 52 hours after the accident, stood on the starting line of Broarna Runt — a 5k race in Skellefteå.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t feel anything and was able to in a relaxed manner execute the race. A lovely PB of 17:50.

I have since March been able to updated the following PB’s: Marathon (3:09:46), Half Marathon (1:27:38), 10k (39:47, done during the Half Marathon) and 5k (17:50).

My car might have ended up in the junkyard, but I feel like i’m still running in the fast lane.

27th May '15